Finding Definitely Price Distribution Information

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From the beginning of its appearance on the market, crystal x, that was originally known by some females, particularly among moms, has now resulted in a booming merchandise known by many women.

Why is that? This is because based on merchandise person testimony, crystal x asli proved capable to overcome the issues in organs that are female, without harmful side effects..

From this phenomenon, it appears that the events that are irresponsible started to create counterfeit or counterfeit products of the crystal x nasa, together with the aim to enjoy the rewards as much as feasible, without considering the negative effects on the health of buyer organs that are feminine. Of this artificial item complained about different issues after using the item.

 Looking To Know The Difference, Here’s How Easy is Easy

The way to distinguish goods that are fake and genuine? Of course there really are a variety of things that may distinguish FAKE products, particularly and the AUTHENTIC from the price

For info, authorized distributors provide crystal x asli to customers together with the normal array of average consumer rates. This cristal x asli is currently a regular cost, which means because we can make sure the product is fake you should be mindful of distributors who sell this item at a cost below the harga crystal xkrystal x typical along with the distributor is maybe not an authorized distributor of pt nasa

Besides the price, the reader can differentiate it from the distributors who market it and in the event the reader h-AS transacted and got items, it might be distinguished in the product. The following will illustrate the qualities of an authorized distributor of PT Nasa that sells crystal x that is original..

How you can Know An Official Distributor, Find Out His Explanation

To acknowledge approved distributors who market kristal x nasa, readers can acknowledge it from the website where about the website there ought to be utilized :

phone amount to call ( contact ). Prospective buyers might take to to create transactions over the telephone, as most phony distributors will avoid selecting picking right up phone calls for concern of identification exposed..

Well should you not locate the above three points on the distributor crystal x website, then you have to re think to do the transaction, because of the enormous possibility the distributor is not an official distributor pt nasa which offers the kristal x asli regular price on you. .

I Do not Know The Way To Recognize Standard Prices

This is really because because one of the mainstay products, and of the rampant phenomenon of counterfeiting goods in the marketplace that became the goal of counterfeiting by unscrupulous elements for the things they promote responsible.

The quantity of consumers who feel pleased with the benefits provided by our support, creating several parties want to dredge the earnings as much as possible, consequently, needs to be offered a more knowing to potential customers to not be fooled and get details harga crystal x false to distributors not responsible.

Thus, a, a little better, god makes it easier for you in every work. .. Greetings Success

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Tea Whitening Face Collaskin And Soap Collagen

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Greetings people, if you asked a question, “What do you do if you have to walk when the weather is very hot?”, About the answer as to what would you give? Every woman will certainly respond with answers that vary depending on what is about to be felt when running in hot weather. “I will wear umbrella great”, or “I will wear a sunblock before told to walk”, there is also bound to be answered, “I will use face masks so that the face does not burn.”, Even likely no one would answer, ” I would refuse to walk in very hot weather, try walking first and then tell me what it’s like. “.. hemmmmm, a lot is not the Mother and Sista about the answer, then you are a woman who has an answer which one?

Judging from the answers to the above, the average woman will do a variety of things to protect their skin beauty of all the possibilities that can damage the skin of their faces, one of which is from the sun. It is said that at this time, the needs of women will be a beautiful skin is very large. What actually matters in human skin which can reduce the beauty and what causes it? Let’s consider first the mother and Sista …


Often we had periods of skin becomes dull, not shiny, why? apparently there are some factors that cause the skin dull and not bright, among others:
Exposure to Ultraviolet Radiation (UV)

Ultraviolet radiation (UV) is a part of the electromagnetic spectra between X-rays and visible light, which is between 40 and 400 nm (30 -3 eV), where the Solar UVR on the earth’s surface consists of approximately 95-98% Ultraviolet A ( UVA, 320 nm-400 nm), and 2-5% Ultraviolet B (UVB, 290-320 nm), where ultraviolet C (UVC) is absorbed entirely by stratospheric ozone. The wavelength of UVB cause is most likely the burning of the skin erythema and skin suntan. When human skin is exposed to UVB, then he will be absorbed by the DNA of the keratinocyte, which because it has energy high radiation, based on wavelength, it can cause not only burning of the skin becomes dark and dull, but also premature aging of the skin, skin cancer and others.

On Physical And Psychological Stress

Stress on the psychological, very influential on the skin, especially the face. Increased emotion due to changes in the gland controlling emotions cause prone skin, dull and not shiny. If the acne scars difficult to heal cause reduced skin beauty.

In addition to their psychological stress, physical stress on the turns or fatigue can cause skin shabbier. Anything that causes physical stress? Among others, the lack of time off, and irregular sleep patterns. Basically, the skin needs time to relax sufficiently to be able to carry out the regeneration of the formation of new skin cells and remove dead skin cells that accumulate every day on the surface of the skin. So what if the break is not enough? Certainly cause the process does not take place up and dead skin cells accumulate, eventually becomes dull, and even can lead to premature aging.
Saturated Will Face Skin Cosmetics

Some women typically use an assortment of cosmetics, even alternating types of cosmetics looking for a product which is suitable for the skin. It can be fatal to the skin, especially if your skin type is sensitive or prone. As a result, the skin will be saturated with chemicals that can cause many skin problems such as the one dull or black.
In addition to dull skin and black, of course, there are many other skin problems such as premature aging or acne-prone skin and black spots. Some of the causes will be thoroughly discussed below:


There are some things that cause premature aging, among others

Free Radicals (Free Radical)

UVR rays of their interaction with the surface of the skin, the biochemical changes in collagen, elastin and connective tissue, affects the elasticity and suppleness of the skin. When skin elasticity is reduced, it will gradually dry and visible wrinkles. UVR is absorbed by the skin, will produce harmful compounds called free radicals or reactive oxygen species (ROS) which will cause skin cancer and premature aging.

Skin moisture Unstable

Living in tropical areas cause moisture unstable, causing the skin becomes wrinkled faster. Therefore, for women who live in the tropics better if the treatment as early as possible in order not to experience premature aging. Well, there is another skin problem that will cause the skin brightness due to reduced disease had black spots and acne scars that can not be lost. What causes their acne? Already taukah you? Let’s consider first the mother and Sista. Mother and Sista ya important to understand what causes their acne prone skin that is often experienced by women …

Causes skin breakouts

Some causes of acne prone skin, among others:

Too Much Junk Food Eat Food

Eating junk food containing high carbs can lead to the triggering of the hormone insulin that nature can stimulate oil production, which then resulted in the appearance of acne. Well it is if not treated immediately or sometimes hands just itching to squeeze acne scars jerawaat impact on their stubborn and cause black spots that cause facial skin shabbier.

Do not wash clean face before bed

One of the bad habits of women before bed is not clean the face. And after a day of activity, the state of the skin becomes oily due to perspiration on any sweat glands, when this state is left and the skin is not cleaned up before going to bed, the skin will absorb what is found on the skin during sleep, so the clogged pores oil then trigger acne. So make it a habit to wash your face before bed and Sista O Mother,

Oily skin types

One cause potentially fatal cause of acne that lead to infection is one choose the product, especially for oily skin prone to acne once. Therefore, it is important to know your skin type so that no one chose good moisturizing beauty products, powder and so on.
Apparently a lot of yes problems in the skin which then can cause damage to the skin, especially the face so that the face look dull, dull, creased and may not look attractive. Then after understanding what causes skin problems, of course, Mother and Sista wondering how to overcome these problems, is not it? Therefore, in order to know the complete, let’s continue to listen until the end of this article ….


There are various ways to address the problems in the skin, dull skin related problems, premature aging, and acne. There are ways of treatment ranging from a simple, care from the outside and from the inside. But there are simple tips to overcome dull skin, premature aging, and Mother and Sista berjerawatyang can do at home, among others:

1. Always use a minimum of sunblock before you get out of the house and exposed to direct sunlight
2. Avoid washing your face directly in hot conditions or after exposure to sunlight
3. Eat less junk food, and multiply eating green vegetables and fresh fruits that contain vitamin.
4. Drink plenty of water so that the humidity of the body awake
5. Exercise more to maintain the balance and health of the body
6. Take your time to do a variety of fun things that can reduce stress
7. Do not keep changing beauty products are not according to skin type
8. Try to drink white milk before bedtime to reduce the level of black spots on the skin
9. Always wash former makeup before bedtime
10. And there is ONE WAY IMPACT to address various issues that have been mentioned above with the full treatment are both outside and inside

Using COLLASKIN NASA to brighten and soften the skin


Collaskin or collagen skin is a skin care products, both outside and inside with high innovation to brighten and soften the skin, the production of PT Natural Nusantara domiciled in Yogyakarta, precisely on Jl. Ring Road West 72 Salakan, Trihanggo, Gamping, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

What Advantages From This Collaskin products?

This product is a package which contains two (2) types of skin care products, namely soaps (collaskin soap) which treat the skin from the outside, as well as products taking the form of tea drinks that treat the skin from the inside, and from the two types of products in one package contains compounds called Collagen is good for treating skin. Therefore, this product is the presence of compounds called Collagen Skin. This product is the first product in Indonesia serving tea drinks which contain compounds of collagen in it. Outstanding yes Mother and child hand processed products of this nation?


Benefits of Collaskin Nasa in brighten and soften the skin is fully derived from each of soap products and product drinks her tea, where each of the soap and the it has the benefit of each synergy to complement the benefits of the product Collaskin,

a.Collaskin Soap


There are some ingredients in soap collaskin which has many benefits for the skin, among others:
Collagen / collagen from cow bone

In the body, essentially already contained collagen (Collagen), namely in the layer of skin beneath the epidermis, which in the human body contained 25 types of collagen which then fill 25-30% of the total of the protein in the human body itself. These compounds are responsible for the process of change in the skin, which is in the process of changing the physical condition of man where from infants who have skin that is smooth, soft and supple, the longer growing age undergo changes until finally when the elderly turns dull, not chewy and rough, and wrinkles. Collagen is this which is a component that becomes a network that supports the texture and elasticity of skin tissue, so if the body lacks the collagen, it will also lose the smoothness and suppleness.

collaskin drink
Well from the theory mentioned above, back in the collagen component presented Collaskin Soap products in order to support the re regenerate skin cells quickly so as to restore the suppleness and softness of the skin and reduce wrinkles that can reduce the beauty of the face.

Castor oil / Petroleum Distance

Castor oil or in Indonesia called castor oil has long been used in cosmetic preparations good lipstick, shampoo, lip balm, because it has a variety of benefits on beauty. In this soap collaskin, there is the content of castor oil, which has its benefits:

• Treating skin wounds
• Inter as a good antioxidant that can reduce the intensity of damage to exposed skin of solar radiation
• Oil soft textured can be easily absorbed by the pores of the skin so that it can keep the skin moist to dry
• Can be used to remove acne and blemishes on the skin, and eliminate pigmentation because it has a high viscosity

Sweet Root Extract (Glyzyrrizhae Extract / Licoricae Extract)

Extract derived from liquorice plant contains tannin, Glabridin, flavonoids and glycosides that each has benefits both for the body. Tannin itself can serve as rodent skin is good for cosmetics. While the content of Glabridin performing prevent pigmentation on the skin which works by inhibiting the activity of the enzyme tirosinasedalam melanocyte cells which can then form the melanin precursor their black spots.

Eittss …. Not just end there mother My explanation about Collaskin this product … still there is one type of product contained in the package of this product, ie COLLASKIN TEA

b.Collaskin Tea


Just as in collagen soap, tea collagen which is a product that is consumed or taken orally has good benefits for skin health and beauty. Any content and benefits?
Collagen / collagen from cow bone

In addition to topically applied to the skin in the form of soap, the supply of components Collagen / collagen in the body is taken is required. It is necessary to maintain the supply of Collagen / collagen in the body. With the therapy collagen / collagen drink can maximize the return process suppleness and softness of the skin. So basically, this is the drink of collagen therapy that will maximize the regeneration of dead skin cells and improve conditions in the fatty tissues of the body ..

Santoon Tea

The content of the tea itself, among other antioxidants, polyphenols and catechins.

Antioxidants – Antioxidant content is certainly very good for consumption associated relationship as well against the skin. Antioxidants can speed up the regeneration of skin cells die so good for menggurangi level of skin damage.

Polyphenol – While the content of these polyphenols can help fight any infection in the body, so if the skin or other body parts there is an infection, it can help the healing using polyphenol content in this collaskin.

Catechins – The content of catechins in tea include epicatechin (EC), epicatechin gallic (ECG), epigallocatechin (EGC), gallic epigallocatechin (EGCG), a catechin and gallaocatechin (GC). Given this content, the tea can reduce the burning rate of the cells and damage DNA. The content of EGCG on human keratinocytes could inhibit Inar exposure to Ultraviolet B resulting in damage to the skin. So in essence, this is the catechin content that serves as an antidote to free radicals in the skin caused by UV exposure.

Rosella tea

Rosella tea compounds include vitamin C, and beta carotene, calcium. The content of Vitamin C in the rosella is what is considered the most prominent of the other ingredients. Why? because based on information studies suggest that vitamin C in tea rosella 6 times more than oranges. Wow, of course, as an antioxidant, it is good to help regenerate dead skin cells. Therefore, it is appropriate at all if the content of rosella tea scientist incorporate these into collaskin product because it can maximize the performance of these products in treating the skin.

Well, now after listening to the full article on how to use collaskin products to brighten and soften the skin, what is unthinkable? Are still hesitant to treat the skin with this product? certainly not right? Therefore, immediately contact the authorized distributor of products Collaskin NASA to get its product ORIGINAL …

Restore skin bright and tender only with NASA COLLASKIN products … and Greetings beautiful

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Make Low Calorie Cake Still Favors

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If your self drop a little bit of inspiration for the small-excess weight eating plan, or if on your own only will need in the direction of stop your pounds consumption, with this recipe yourself can include your cake and take in it! However total of cute, however cake, however Really small in just excess weight, it can suppress your sugar yearning devoid of piling upon the body weight.
Banana with a minimal apple and cinnamon.

Cook period

Preparing season: 10 minutes
Prepare dinner period: 55 min
Well prepared within just: 1 hour 5 minutes
Success: Creates 10-12 slices

  • 195g self escalating flour
  • 100g caster sugar
  • 1 tsp Baking powder
  • 50 percent teaspoon floor cinnamon
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 unbelievably ripe bananas – mashed
  • apple sauce 60g, (very low sugar if probable)

How to create

Preheat the oven in the direction of gasoline mark 4 / 180C. Tin bread line with paper circumstances or with baking parchment.
In just a bowl stir with each other flour, baking powder and cinnamon. Insert applesauce and a ripe banana and incorporate until eventually merge.

Inside of one more bowl, whisk the egg whites right until the blend doubles inside of dimension. Do not previously mentioned whisk simply because yourself do not will need them vivid, particularly with a large amount of air inside it.

Stir the egg white mix with the other substances till simply just mixed, still mixed nicely. Pour the batter into the loaf pan. Bake in just oven for 50 toward 55 minutes. At 50 minutes of putting a skewer or toothpick into the centre of the cake. If it arrives out contemporary, the cake is prepared. If it is not new, place the cake again within the oven for a several minutes.

While geared up, change toward a steel rack toward interesting and provide incredibly hot. Will carry on for upto 3 times kept inside of an airtight container.

Get pleasure from!

The employ of egg whites and applesauce in the direction of create the combination incorporate towards reduce the weight within this recipe up. cinnamon features a prosperous, scorching flavour.There is more than 1 gram of weight for every lower – simply do not try to eat it all!

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Avocado Fruit Nutrition For Health

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Avocado is a fruit that is quite popular in ASIA, especially as juice. A delicious flavor and color characteristic makes these fruits are easily recognizable. The scientific name for this fruit is Persea americana. However, unlike other fruits, avocado fruits contain more fat and calories than fruit in general. However, the fruit also includes one that has a high nutritional profile and provide many health benefits.

Nutritional content avocado fruits

The most impressive of these is the antioxidant content of the fruit (karetanoid) it contains. There is no other content in avocado fruit exceeding karetanoid her womb. Here is a list of the main antioxidant content karetanoid owned avocado fruit:

avocado table nutrition

  • chrysanthemaxanthin
  • Neochrome
  • Neoxanthinalpha-carotene
  • Violaxanthin
  • Zeaxanthin
  • Beta-carotene
  • and Beta-cryptoxanthin

From the list above only, it is not surprising that this fruit can provide important support for health. Moreover, avocado fruit mengadung fiber is quite high, as shown in the next table, which shows the nutritional content of avocado fruits per 100 gram serving.

avocado fruits are also considered as one of the healthiest foods on the planet because it contains more than 25 essential nutrients, including vitamins A, B, C, E, K &, copper, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium.

avocado fruits also contain fiber, protein, and some beneficial phytochemicals such as beta-sitosterol, glutathione and lutein, which can protect the body against various diseases.

Benefits of avocado fruits

Here are the benefits of avocado fruit for health:

For Heart health – Avocado fruits contain vitamin B6 and folic acid, which helps regulate levels of homocysteine. A high level of homocysteine is associated with an increased risk of heart disease. avocado fruits also contain vitamin E, glutathione, and monounsaturated fat, which helps in maintaining cardiovascular health.

Controlling Blood Pressure
avocado fruit is a source of potassium / potassium excellent, which can help mengrontrol blood pressure levels.

Anti-inflammatory – Phytonutrient compounds that are found in avocado fruits, such as polyphenols and flavonoids have been found to have anti-inflammatory properties, thus reducing the risk of inflammatory and degenerative disorders.

Lowering Cholesterol – This fruit are rich in compounds called beta-sitosterol has been shown to be effective in lowering blood cholesterol levels.

According to one study, patients with hypercholesterolemia light entering avocado fruits in their diet for 7 days had a total of 17 percent reduction in blood cholesterol levels, decreased 22 percent in both LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides, and a 11 percent increase in levels of HDL (good cholesterol) ,

For Eye health – Avocado fruit is a source of the carotenoid lutein, which is known to help protect against macular degeneration and cataracts are associated with age.

Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

Avocado fruit contains avocado benefit diabetics, avocado fruit is very well supplied in the diet diabetes. Monounsaturated fats (good) in avocado fruits can reverse insulin resistance that helps regulate blood sugar levels. avocado fruits also contain soluble fiber which can keep blood sugar levels stable.

Prevent Birth Defects

Avocado fruits are rich in folate, vitamin B element commonly known as folic acid. One cup of avocado fruit provides about 23% of the recommended daily value of folate. The high amount of folate in avocado fruits is very important in the prevention of birth defects for waninta containing.

Reducing the Risk of Stroke

The high levels of folate in avocado fruits also may protect against stroke. A study has shown that people who eat a diet rich in folate have a lower risk of stroke than those who did not

Preventing Cancer – Many studies have shown that avocado fruit can inhibit the growth of prostate cancer. Oleic acid in avocado fruits also effective in preventing breast cancer.

Against Free Radicals – Avocado fruits contain glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that helps fight free radicals in the body, so the body’s immunity is maintained and also reduce the risk of cancer.

Anti-aging properties – Rich in antioxidants, the avocado fruit is very helpful in the fight against the symptoms of aging. Glutathione in avocado fruits can boost the immune system, slow the aging process, and encouraging a healthy nervous system.

Overcoming Bad Breath – Avocado fruits are one of the natural and drug dessert best bad breath. That’s because avocado fruits colon cleansing, which is a major cause-padded tongue and bad breath.

Increases Absorption of Nutrients – Intake is associated with increased absorption of nutrients by the body. A study showed that when participants ate a salad containing avocado fruits, they absorb five times the amount of carotenoids (a group of nutrients that include beta carotene and lycopene) more than those who do not put avocado fruit in the salad.

Gain weight – Contains 200 calories in a dose of 100 grams. Usually, the fruit has about 60-80 calories for 100 grams. Due to the high number of calories, avocado fruit is the best diet for people who want to gain weight. avocado fruit is a healthy source of calories, unlike many other calorie-dense foods that may contain excess saturated fat and sugar.

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Microorganisms Causes Vaginal Discharge

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Microorganisms causes vaginal discharge -Hello, on this wonderful day, I will share a bit knowledge about what causes vaginal discharge. The vaginal discharge is one of most frightened thing for woman, because it causes lot of problem in genital. This can easily cured if diagnose early, but to be difficult if it is not cured immediately. But, the woman need to diagnose what type of the vaginal discharge whether it caused by virus or another causes to make a proper cure.

A. What is Trichomonas vaginalis

Vaginal DischargeIn order that learning about genital discharge, women need to know about Trichomonas vaginalis. Though it is rarely exposed, they have possibility affected by this microorganism. So, what is this kind of miscroorganism? This is a parasite that can live at genital of women and prostate / urethra of men. But, today we will  just focus on the discussion about Trichomonas vaginalis which live in a woman’s genital.

This kind of microorganism has oval shape or piriformis with 4 pieces of flagella / feather whip anterior (flagellum is locomotor celled organisms shaped whip), where feather whip that all five be axonema of membrane undulant, which in pasterior end there axonema also comes out of the body to attach themselves to the network that has resulted in irritation of the tissue which cling to them. Additionally it has one of the core, sitostroma used to take food live at the anterior part.

That was confused explanation of how the shape of organisms, wasn’t it? Well the important point isn’t there but what is the disease caused by these organisms then?

Diseases Caused By Trichomonas vaginalis

In accordance with the life cycle, Tropozoid parasites that cause diseases which come from outside the human body is carried away by the couple entered through marital relationship, then lodged in the genital because these organisms are very like living  in the neighborhood around the genital, causing their problems.

Some of the effects caused by these organisms will be summarized as follows:

1.Fluor albus or whitish or vaginal discharge

Irritation due to attachment of the parasite in the vaginal mucosa will cause inflammation of the vagina (vaginistis) which causes excessive discharge (whitish) with characteristics:

a) highly viscous liquids

b) It can also be infected with T. vaginalis if this would be yellow-green or gray and foaming in large quantities

c) Some vaginal discharges accompanied by bleeding

d) Offensive odor rancid

e) Feels pain when pressed sex organs

f) If urinating causes pain

g) Causing any ulcers or sores on sexual activity

2.Inflammation of the vulva and cervix

If the disease is not treated immediately, it will cause inflamed vagina and cervix or lower part of the uterus..


Well, here it is the point which must be considered by women, as a result of their whiteness with excess liquid, viscous and contains parasites that lead to inflammation, will cause various problems in the female reproductive organs resulting in infertility.

So many problems in women caused by this parasite, and so much of women experienced this disease.In addition, there is also one-celled organisms that cause the appearance of abnormal vaginal discharge but has different characteristics with T.vaginalis. what is that?

B. Bacteria Gardnerella vaginalis

Garnerella bacteria is a bacteria that causes vaginal infections occur during productive period. In contrast to vaginal infections caused by T. vaginalis, vaginitis caused by Bacteria garnerella called as nonspecific vaginitis. At present, the term nonspecific vaginitis replaced as Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). This microrganism is a species of Haemophilus with a diameter of 1-1.5 m, and is a gram-negative bacteria, which do not have a capsule and does not form spores. These bacteria are facultative which the final product in the fermentation process is conducted in the form of acetic acid, which other products include lactic acid and formic acid.

Diseases Caused By Bacteria Vaginosis Gardnerella

  1. Fluor Albus or whitish or vaginal discharge

How these bacteria can cause bacterial vaginosis which then continues effect to Fluor Albus or vaginal discharge? Basically, Gardnerella bacteria is anaerobic bacteria that can make symbiosis with other anaerobic bacteria or often referred to as hiperpopulasi so that the population of anaerobic bacteria growing to replace the population of Lactobacillus behave  the good bacteria in the vagina, causing changes the state of vaginal ecosystem from normal (acidic) becomes abnormal (alkaline) and for the ecosystem becomes abnormal, the vagina will be susceptible to problems such as abnormal vaginal discharge resulting vaginosis. Abnormal vaginal discharge can be relieved by crystal x as has been recommended by obstetricians. whitish

The characteristics of vaginal discharge due to Gardnerella vaginosis:

  1. The stench
  2. Texture of discharge is homogeneous, grayish-white
  3. Discharge fluid is diluted and bubbly
  4. In contrast to the T. vaginalis vaginal discharge, vaginal discharge by these bacteria cause itching and this feels very disturbing and uncomfortable
  1. Gardnerella vaginitis resulting in infertility

As already explained that this vaginitis caused an abnormal discharge, if it is not immediately cured, will result an inflammation of the pelvis and clog the ova or eggs that result in infertility because sperm cells are not able to achieve the ovum.

  1. Gardnerella Vaginitis in pregnancy resulted in preterm infants

The danger of this disease is if vaginal discharge due to this bacterial infection occurs during pregnancy is causing an inflammation of the vagina, this condition can break up of the placenta,too early so the baby may be born prematurely, and the bad news is that the baby can be born in a state with low weight.

Well. These are the explanation about why as women, dont ignore any kind of problem in genital, because even an itching can diagnose a disease. So, keep healthy , Ladies…

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How to Overcome Problems Feminine

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fishy vaginal odor

How to Overcome Problems Feminine – Knowledge of female reproductive system is properly needed to understanding the importance of product efek crystal x to women’s health. The female reproductive system is basically divided into two categories, namely the reproductive organs (genitalia) inside and outside. This consists of the genitalia in female organs of the uterus (womb), Fallopian tube (oviduct), ovarian (ovary).

Female organ is a muscle membrane (muskula membranasea) that connects between the outside of the uterus (womb), and has several functions as a tool for marital relationship, as way to give birth, and also as a channel drains the mucus and blood when menstruation (periods). Consideration of the physiological and function, it is normal that the female organs is considered as an organ that is susceptible to bacterial, fungal or all sorts of problems.

The organ susceptibility to the problem is increasingly supported by their vulnerable humid conditions and pH changes. These humid conditions can support live media for various types of fungi, bacteria and viruses, while the higher pH (acid) value will kill good bacteria that live in the female organs, so that various problems will easily arise. Well here’s the problem of female organs that must be dealt with using crystal x, therefore these products are very important to put your grocery shopping list.

Reasons for Choosing and using Product Crystal X

A. Reducing Abnormal Fluid Discharge

Basically, there are several causes of abnormal discharge in women, among others :

  • Increasing of pH acidity
    higher condition of pH (acid) value will kill good bacteria that live in the female organs, so that all bad bacteria can spread around. This is causing problem and abnormal discharge is one of problems.
  • Wrong pattern of eating and drinking
    A woman needs to maintain levels of glucose intake of food or drink. As it is known that glucose is the food of fungi and bacteria, so that if a woman is too many foods or drinks with excess glucose content are more susceptible to vaginal discharge.
  • Disease indications such as infection by Trichomonas vaginalis, Gardnerella vaginosis or cervical cancer

Each disease has specific physiologic condition of fluid discharge. Due to parasite infection will be marked with yellow-green or gray and foamy fluid and will come out in large volume. Texture of whiteness is very thick, rancid odor, and sometimes accompanied by bleeding. Whereas discharge due to infection by this parasite will be marked with watery and foamy fluid, color grayish white, fishy odor and itchy outstanding.  For cervical cancer, although not the only signs of cervical cancer, but it is also necessary to understand that discharge by cancer has characteristic of  large volumes fluid come out the female organ, yellow-gray, fishy odor and rancid, itching of the female organs, and cause patches of blood.

B. Helps eliminate odor and itching

There are several causes of odor and itching of the female organs, such as the existence of abnormal discharge that produces smell fluid, fungal bacterial infection of the virus, and humidity.

C. Help constrict the female organs

Long marriage age, the process of giving birth and the age of women reduces the elasticity of the female organs that can reduce quality of marital intercourse.

Mechanism Of Crystal X Overcoming Female Organ Problem

These are composition of crystal x, among other essential oils of green betel leaf (Piper betle leaf oil), extract of red seaweed (Euchemma spinosum extract), Aloe vera extract, viniell oil, Potassium alum sulphide, and water as an organic solvent and carrier substance. Each extract has specific chemical compounds with specific biological property.

Chemical ompounds with -OH groups such as phenol (Karvakrol) and fenilpropan has very strong fungicidal properties for kill Candida albicans cause of female discharge. Whereas tannins, flavonoids and alkaloids is one of excellent bakteriosid to kill  germs such as bacteria that live in the female organs. Other chemical compound on extract of crystal x has eugenol, Quercetin, β-Caryophyllen and Allylpyrocathecol act as antibakterisida, fungicides and anti cancer. In addition to the two compounds, β-caryophyllen have specific performance on the inhibition of endometriosis and is often used in the treatment of endometriosis, and anticancer compounds terrible also offered of the working mechanism.

Polysaccharides on algae can prevent the virus come into the body so that the replication of viral DNA. On Aloe vera has oxidase enzyme, catalase, protease, amylase and lipase that wiill help women overcome any form of  irritation. Whereas natural minerals have a very unique performance. This pure mineral acts as an antiseptic that keeps the female organs of bacteria, germs and viruses.

And the most specific of chemical property is provided  by viniell oil. The benefits of this oil is basically not benefit from the synergy with the other ingredients, but it is unique. As described on the problems of the female organs, then one of them female organs were saggy and loose, therefore, viniell oil is added to nourish the mucosa around the female organs so that they can tighter and tighter. In addition, it can improve sensitive to stimulation.

picture crystal x

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How to Get an Ideal Bodyweight

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How to Get an Ideal BodyweightGaining an ideal bodyweight is not easy. Many of us have experienced some problems when attempting it. Health experts said that we can try to get an ideal bodyweight by increasing our muscle mass, not fat. We have to say that many people often get the wrong idea; they think that they have to increase the amount of body fat to gain weight.

It is not just the wrong way, but it is also unhealthy method because when the body fat is increasing, it means we have to consume more calorie that the amount we need for daily activities.

Most people will lose hope and said that their thin body is genetic when they have trying to eat as much as possible combined with heavy fitness exercises but have not yet get the results at all. We have to understand that when we have not get the result within 2 – 3 weeks after doing the right methods, there must be something wrong.

Here are some tips that can be used by people who have been working out for more than 2 weeks but have not gained muscle:

Eat 5 to 6 times a day in moderate portion and try to avoid junk food.
We have to remember that most junk foods are adding unhealthy fat to the body. According to researches, unhealthy fat slows down metabolism. It also makes the body cannot work in a healthy way.

Consume protein and carbohydrate after finishing exercise
Carbohydrate will replace sugar or glycogen in the muscle after exercising. Protein will help recover the muscles that we just damaged with the exercise.

Consume real foods maximum 60 minutes after exercising
It is better for us to avoid supplements. Though it contains some nutrition but sometimes it comes from unknown sources. The dosage is also hard to count since each body needs different amount.

If we want to add weight, we need to take multivitamins
Vitamin B is the one we need to get because they help our body to digest nutrients we eat. Eating lots of food but the body cannot digest them well will not give us the result we need.

Do not perform weight training more than 60 minutes and we have to reduce cardio workouts
Exercising more than one hour wastes our calorie. Our body needs calorie to build up muscles.

Changes Weight

Do muscle train only once a week and perform 9 – 12 sets for each muscle per session
Use machines in the gym only 3 – 4 each for 3 to 4 sets. And, it is suggested to use only basic compound movement and not performing isolation movement.

Perform only 8 – 10 reps, not more than 12 reps

Perform negative reps
When we reach failure, we need to find some help from a friend to lift the weight. Hold it before we lower it down. Perform this negative reps once every 3 weeks.

It is suggested to use high intensity training for weight training
It means, we need to have 1.5 – 2 minutes break between each set. And, we need to lift weights as heavy as we can. Read more paket diet turunkan berat badan acaiplus nasa alternatif sulition diet herbal.

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